Friday, April 15, 2011


Project: Music for lyrics I typed up last night

Lots of trial and error in the creative process.  Editing is pretty much all the same - whether it's film or music, it's all about creating the right rhythm and making sure everything fits together.  This sort of "play with it until you got it thing" - I don't have to deal with it too much in screenwriting.  Not so much in prose either.  But lyrics, then especially music - there's a lot of messing around until I stumble upon something, even if I do have a loose idea in my head to start off with.

I feel like I've been toying with the music for this chorus forever.  I guess it hasn't been that long - an hour, maybe?  But I had three or four different progressions, and it just wasn't working.  With one, I worked on the two parts separately and when I put them together...eww, clash.  Those pesky "keys".  Another sounded way to cheesy.  This is supposed to have hip hop roots - I'm not making a nursery rhyme.

But then finally, it just hit me.  Laid down a skeleton of the piano, then added flourishes from there.  This is shaping up kind of nicely.  I'm hoping that this will allow me to really exercise my creativity.  I've been dying to film forever with no real opportunity, but now I'm hoping I can get a music video together for this.  It could be epic...or it could be kind of lame.  There's a line, and I gotta be careful.

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