Saturday, April 16, 2011

Real Quick Beatlab Before Bed

Project: Beat for a light-hearted, humorous in concept rap for Girl Conception potential

Just figured out the tempo for this rap.  96 beats per measure!  That's quite slow in comparison to the last three songs I composed.  But I want this to have a laid back, sort of late summery kind of feel.  There's a specific nostalgia I'm bringing up for this rap, in fact.  August back in my early teen years as school is about to start. A kind of "Dirty Souf" esque ditty that embodies the last days of summer.

That sounded way to deep for the kind of song I'm creating here. haha

About 15 minutes maybe has gone by of me actually working on the track (more than that in total time because I really don't think I have an attention span), and man, I think this is the quickest I've ever gotten the skeleton of a beat together (I am so uneducated in the proper vernacular of this - I'm a self-made woman, what can I say?).   Okay, it helps that it struck me last night in the midst of my recent bout of insomnia, so I guess all I really had to do was pull it off of the paper.  But it just struck me within seconds last night, so I can still say this may be the quickest.  At least in the comparison to the turmoil I went through perfecting my last beat.  And I'm so loath to say that this beat is complete because of how quick I got it together, but it's catchy, the bass is hittin', and though it's simple, I think the musical accompaniment (which I'll come up with tomorrow and sort of have an idea for) will help with that.

Sometimes you have to practice restraint and know brevity and/or simplicity sometimes is the best.  It's a problem I have creativity - always wanna keep going.  I tend to be long-winded (as you can tell from this blog), never quite know where to stop.  But right now, I think I gotta just let it lay to rest.

Except I gotta figure it out if maybe I wanna do something a little different for the chorus.  I'll figure out the structure right before I turn out my lights.  Except no, what I've learned with that there has to be something consistent throughout the whole piece in rap songs.  Maybe I'll layer it for the chorus, but the main skeleton of the beat is gonna remain unchanged.  Man, I already really love this beat.  Like some rap songs excel in the musical accompaniment, but man, this is definitely a beat song.  It's already stuck in my head.  That's great! (Sincerely stated, for the record).  Definitely a winner.  How do I make this a career because I think I might just have a knack at it?  Like, seeing how I've improved in the four days since I've been doing this...this is really cool!

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