Saturday, October 8, 2011

An Adventurer's Life - That's What's For Me

The adventure of my time in Los Angeles has spoiled me and now I don't know I can really ever be truly satisfied with a "stable" life ever again.  Of course, this has been a little extreme and far from planned, but once getting into the swing (or rather, lack of swing) of things, I have come to enjoy it, and I just can't imagine a life without a certain degree of spontaneity.

Which is why if all does fail in thirteen days and my time in Los Angeles is unfortunately forced to come back to an end, I really just can't go back to North Carolina.  Not that it's anything against North Carolina.  I love North Carolina.  I want to be in North Carolina.  But I can't stay there, because what it represents to me is stagnancy and monotony.  The wrong kind of stability - I don't want to be rooted in my mother's house in the same town I lived most of my life in.  I need some sort of on the edge living.  Something different.

So my overly active and very imaginative mind that often works on its own whims has come up with a list of Plan B's that I will pursue in thirteen days if things just don't come together in the way I really hope and pray they would.  Please note that these are absolutely secondary plans, and my utmost priority is finding anyway possible to stay in Los Angeles.  I post these a little bit in jest, except I do feel like I will consider at least one of these options seriously if it comes down to it.

1. Become a groupie for Demi Lovato.  She's going on a brief tour in November, so armed with my DSLR, I will follow her throughout the midwest and Northeast, documenting my experience, and trying to finagle my way into her shows.  At the very least meeting her or people she's associated with, living on the road, being super adventurous, and of course turning the whole thing into a Sundance hit.

2. Pitching a tent on my dad's plot of land on the island of Nevis where he was born.  Once again with my camera, documenting the whole thing.  Living off the fruit of the land.  Buying a fishing pole.  I have family there, so that's helpful.  Getting back to my roots.  Robinson Crusoe stuff.  I actually have never read that novel, so I have no idea if it actually is Robinson Crusoe stuff.  Probably actually more like that terrible 80's movie with a young Brooke Shields, minus the blonde boy and awkward sexual tension.  Blue Lagoon.  That's what it's called.

3. Find a friend somewhere, anywhere who will let me visit and crash indefinitely in a place I've never been or at least never lived before (so High Point and New York City are out, but if I can get back to LA, then bet your dogs I'll be back) and just explore and discover life in somewhere new.  Fall deeper in friendships and even if there is no goal in mind, just do it for the experience, see what comes of it.  Find something to film while I'm there.  I have a few friends in various places, so maybe I can at least swing it somehow.

Those are three I have right now.  In a sense, they kind of boil down to "make a documentary", but it's much more than that, of course.  I absolutely want to stay here.  I am going to do everything in my power to stay here.  I will not resign to the absolute last possible second, but if God has other plans (and let's face it, His plans and my plans often don't line up, and His always turn out to be infinitely better), then I'll at least see what I can do to avoid returning to High Point living - at least not under these circumstances.  I honestly can see myself living in North Carolina again, but I'm far from that right now in my heart.

I just have come to love this little adventure I'm living.  I can't remember the last time I've felt so simply happy in life.  Not that I'm not generally a constantly happy person, but this feels a little bit different.  It feels so great, and I've realized that this is kind of what I've always wanted.  So I always want to stay on the tip of my toes, pushing forward into the unknown, taking risks, and all that good stuff.  Because this right here, what I'm living in right now, feels so right to me.  As honestly frustrating as it has been in some moments, I wouldn't change the way things have been going out here for the world (minus the piece of crap car I purchased.  I don't like that).

So adventure it is for me.  That's what it's gonna have to be.  I really can't wait to see what adventures God leads me in the future.  And I pray that I don't have to end up settled back in High Point come thirteen days from now.

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