Friday, October 7, 2011

My two weeks.

After a month stay in the isolated guest room of a beautiful house in Malibu, CA and almost a week foray at a humble, but enjoyable home in Eagle Rock, CA,  tonight marks the beginning of my stay in a Los Angeles hotel for up to, but no longer than, two weeks.

So I've decided to meticulously chronicle these two weeks.  Maybe because I should've done the same with my five California weeks before.  Maybe because these are to be a pivotal fourteen days that will determine so much about my near future.  October 21st could be so many different things; only these two weeks will be able to tell.

Mainly, I want to see closely what God will do in this time.  He has already done so much with the time that has passed - I am certain that there is only but more to come.  This is an exploration of faith.  What it means to abandon all worry and embrace uncertainty in the confidence that God will come through in the end.

This is adventure.  Living out of a hotel in yet another new city after playing nomad the best I could.  This is all I see, learn and experience.  And creating the best I can along the way.

Today I applied to two things.  Then took another step forward in a video I've been editing.  Sound editing is crucial - unfortunately in my current limited existence, I don't have all the means to make it perfect, but I'm making do with what I have.  It's amazing how much music can color something, change something.  The entire feel of a piece, transformed entirely just because of song choice.  I've experimented a bit - too tired to attempt to compose my own soundtrack, plus honestly too impatient, I've taken to the stock instrumentals my Mac has provided me.  They're decent - some painfully mediocre, but in their midst, I've found suitable matches for my piece that create the kind of mood I'm aiming for.  I'm close to done now.  Just some minor tweaking - mostly with other sound issues - and perhaps by the end of the weekend, it'll be online for all to see.

As I did that, I had Martin Scorsese's documentary about George Harrison on in the background, which of course riled up that creative sense in me, which is now rearing to go with a camera and take on the world, explore the world, reveal the world in all sorts of ways.  But if there's one thing I've learned these past few months, it's patience.  The merit of waiting.  God knows the desires of my heart.  He blessed me with these talents.  He'll make use of them when the time's right.  I truly believe that, and trust me, I'm much more at ease all the time because of that.

Lastly, I listened to the best composition I've created to least it's my favorite.  I'm not entirely sure what to do with it - I know it'll remain instrumental, but I want to put images to it.  There are snippets, but it's not quite gelling yet.  Once again, I'll wait.  I'll wait for it to come together in my mind and wait for the right means to come along to put it into action.

Here's that composition:

I feel quite almost poetic and serene in this moment, and it's probably from watching that documentary.  George Harrison - quite intriguing, wasn't he?  Still is, even in death.  It's interesting to see how much his spiritual faith touched and influenced his life, though it's a spiritual faith much different of my own.  It's interesting to be able to relate to him on that facet in a way, despite inherent differences in our theologies.  I understand - just in an entirely different way.

I'm about to go downstairs to the lobby because there's a 24 hour mart with food.  Frozen dinners, in fact, and because Nina has my car, I'm confined to this building for now (there's a Trader Joe's a block away, but I'm in an unfamiliar area and don't really like getting shot, so we won't risk it since the sun's gone down).  I'm not picky with my food, so I'll glad throw something in the microwave and enjoy.

This will be less journalistic, more creative minded, but still a little of both - the nature of these posts that are to follow.  Whether I feel like it or not, I'll update at least once a day.  Probably more on most days.  I have a lot of thoughts, a lot of things I want to create, and there is so much to explore.  Plus, I'm living an adventure.  Heck, the dream - not the one I came out here to pursue (not yet) but the one of my youth that craved spontaneity and adventure and taking risks and being free.  It's funny how that turned out without me even trying, with me completely forgetting that I ever had those urges at one time.  So it's more fun than anything.  But that's probably because it's physically impossible for me to get stressed, so I'm not worried about the fact that I have to resort to living in a hotel for right now if I wanna stay West (and even that wasn't certain until a few days ago - before then, I had no idea where I'd be come today.  But I'm here, because God always comes through).  I'm just living life and loving it.

I feel very content in these moments.  I'm glad for this happiness, peace, and knowledge that even though many things aren't certain in my life, I at least am certainly living it.

Good night.


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