Sunday, October 9, 2011

Important Conclusions.

I've come to some important conclusions tonight.

I effing hate my car.  So much that I dropped a faux f-bomb.  Well, I don't really hate it, because I just don't have it in me to hate (that's a really dark place to get to, if you've ever experienced true hatred), but as I drove it tonight, I realized that because of my relatively positive demeanor, there was only thing in my life that I absolutely detested - and it was that car.

Funny to think that for a very brief period, I loved the thing.  It's sort of like that relationship you jump into, because the guy (or girl, to make this relatable to everyone) seems so perfect, and you just love him (her, it, whatever) so much because he (tired of making this universal) seems to be so amazing.  And then as time goes on, you find out that he is not at all amazing, but just actually really sucks.  If it was earlier in the day, I'd make that metaphor a lot more poignant.  Point is - thought this car was sweet, turned out to be a dud, and as much as I love this adventure I'm on, this car is just getting on my nerves.  I paid $40 to get my turn signal fixed today, only for it to stop working again not even two hours later.  It smokes like a "thinks she's cool but she's not" indie college student at liberal arts college (like, you know, NYU) and oh, a headlight and a taillight is out.  But hey, I go to court over it in less than a week, so hopefully it's off my hands, and I can start a new.  Literally, I am never purchasing an used car again unless it's over $10,000 and from a legitimate dealer.  Not from sketchy, four months' "pregnant" (yet I see no bump...) women named Eda.  Yep, just called you out on my Eda - whatchu gonna do?

Next conclusion.  Decided that I want to direct Anna Kendrick in a movie.  Nina and I saw 50/50 tonight, which is a very good movie, and she is just so charmingly awkward and funny that I have to write a role especially catered to her and then direct her to Oscar winning glory.  Joseph Gordon-Levitt can certainly be in it as well.  In fact, they can play love interests.   But both are fantastic actors, so they've been added on to the list of "must-directs", which include but certainly is not limited to Kate Winslet, Leonardo DiCaprio, Selena Gomez (do not ask, just embrace), and Emile Hirsch (quite possibly solely because I find him totally charming and if you close your eyes, he sounds just like Leo).

Those are today's conclusions.  Well, tonight's, rather. This early morning's?  Yep.

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