Monday, October 10, 2011

The Suite Life (Sorry for stealing your pun, Disney)

If I had minimal possessions and the money for it, I think I would consider just living in (nice) hotel suites.  Staying awhile in each, then when I wanted a change, going on to the next one.  Hotel hopping, if you will.

Here's why:

It's nice set-up.   I love hotel rooms - the feel of it, the coziness, the odd familiarity (maybe because I spent my fair share in them growing up).  It exemplifies a getaway, something different.  It's a nice room to yourself - a nice little living space.

Free, unlimited toiletries.  Soaps, shampoos, toilet paper, and in this hotel, paper towels - all at my disposable and refilled when depleted.

Cable television - mainly times with HBO.  This hotel has a pretty sizable HD flat screen.  The quality is pristine, and television is the ideal background noise.

Fitness center.  No gym membership, and not as many people take advantage of it as you'd think.  Here I have treadmills so nice that there's a TV attached to it (I prefer my iPod, though - I can listen to Demi Lovato's new album whilst burning calories, which is the best of both worlds).  Plus towels and a water dispenser, right there.

A/C.  This is the first time I've been with an air conditioning unit in over a month - it's very nice.

Free continental breakfast.  This probably should be first on the list.  Yes, it's small, but it's free!  Yes, it ends really early, but it's free!

It comes furnished.  This one even comes with every kitchen appliance I could need (except a blender, but then again, I never really used the blender when I did have one at my disposable, so I don't probably need that).

Maid service.  Another one that should be higher on the list.  I come back each afternoon to my bed made, dishes cleaned, new towels, and everything straightened up.

I like collecting hotel keycards.

It would cater to my sense of adventure.  If I get tired of it, I could check out and move on to the next one.  I could live wherever I wanted.  Obviously, I need to just start my own film-related business that can be done anywhere I have a camera and Final Cut Pro, so I can just hop around the country and different hotel rooms...

I think I legit might do that for a few months sometime in the future.  Hotel hop.  Explore the new surroundings I settle in.  I could probably turn it into some sort indie documentary while I'm at it.  "180 Days of Hotels."  Don't steal that - I'm in the process of getting the rights already.

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